We would like to assure you that Search and Care is fully operational. Our Social Workers and Care Managers are working at full capacity to help our older neighbors during this public health crisis.

  • As our staff work from home, we are now using a service called Ring Central.  If a client, provider, family member, senior in the community, or others call our general office number, any of our staff can answer via the Ring Central app on our mobile phones.
  • We continue to accept “information and referral” calls for any older adult in need—whether from a senior seeking help, or other entities (e.g., faith, housing, outside providers), Yorkville, Carnegie Hill, and East Harlem communities.
  • Social Workers and Care Managers are in touch with clients regularly by phone—assessing/addressing needs, as well as simply listening to help ease stress, isolation, and loneliness.
  • We continue to provide “Money Matters” services, including client bill-paying, cash disbursements, and distributing emergency stipends to clients in financial distress.
  • Our P/T Nutritionist (M.S. student at Hunter) is offering nutritional counseling so our older neighbors can still eat healthily on a budget. even if outside our catchment area of NYC’s
  • Our Silver Circles workers are helping clients with tech issues (e.g., cell phones, tablets, etc.) so they can stay connected to family, friends, and online resources.
  • Our “Talkin’ It Out” program continues, through which any older person in need of more in-depth, supportive counseling has access to two seasoned, Spanish-speaking LMSWs.

Since our older neighbors are at particular risk, Search and Care is doing everything possible to help them sustain their physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing—ensuring they feel supported as this crisis continues to unfold.

If you know of an older person who may benefit from Search and Care’s services, feel free to call 212-289-5300 or email

Please kindly consider donating to Search and Care, in response to COVID-19 emergency funding, to help at-risk older adults in need by clicking here.

To learn about our Emergency Grocery, Sanitary, and Pet Upkeep COVID-19 initiative, click here.