Dear Friends,
What an extraordinary year this has been for us all, due to the unprecedented challenges of the public health crisis.

Since mid-March, Search and Care has had to repurpose our team and reimagine our agency services and supports to effectively serve not only existing clients, but many new ones throughout the Greater New York City area. We invite you to read more about this on the inside back cover.

Thanks to your support, even in these uncertain times, we were able to provide comfort, reassurance and compassionate care to a record number of frail, homebound and isolated older neighbors. Our agency services remains fee-free, and after nearly 50 years and 20,000+ clients served, vulnerable older people can rest assured Search and Care will continue to be there for them, now as ever.

With deepest gratitude,  

Orla Coleman                                Brian C. Kravitz  
Board President                           Executive Director


Search and Care Board of Directors

Orla Coleman


Nina S. Myers
Vice President—2009

Alexander R. Cochran

Neil E. Botwinoff


Jacques Anderson—2022
Brian Boyé—2019
Natasha S. Brown—2012
J. Peyton Carr—2014
Bernadette Cruz—2018
Margaret Diaz-Cruz—2017
Melissa B. Epperly—2014
Suzanne L. Goldhirsch—2012
Barbara D. Hayes—1997
Jennifer Hoblyn, MD—2021
Matthew James–2021
Ann Hall Kaplan—2008
Kate Karet—2017
B. Hunt Lawrence—2001
Kathleen B. Linburn—2001
Susan M. Relyea—1979
Christine L. Robinson—2000
Claudia G. Thompson—1986
Caroline M. Tripp—2004

All are independent voting members

Honorary Directors

Henry Darlington, Jr.
Irvine D. Flinn
John F. Gilpatric
Molly C. Goodman
The Rev. Matthew F. Heyd
Katharine S. Legg
Molly O. Parkinson
Jeanne B. Riegel
Virginia R. Schwerin
Cecil Wray     

Executive Director

Brian C. Kravitz—LCSW; MS. Ed.