Our team of social workers and care managers act as a sounding-board, staunchest advocate, and surrogate family—providing fee-free, personalized, comprehensive care to address the urgent, emerging, and future needs of vulnerable older New Yorkers. The team now includes a cognitive specialist and mental health-oriented social workers; two fully bilingual (Spanish-speaking), culturally competent social workers and one care manager; and a make-up more representative of our client demographic.

  • Coordinate Care: outside health providers, governmental agencies, family, in-agency consultants
  • Secure Benefits and Entitlements: Medicaid, Medicare Part D, SSI, SCRIE, SNAP, Meals on Wheels
  • Provide Mental Health Supports: empathic listening, supportive counseling, therapeutic groups
  • Advocate in Housing Issues: landlord conflict-resolution, emergency/monthly stipends for rent shortfalls
  • Arrange for Homecare Worker: activities of daily living, shopping, hygiene, apartment de-cluttering
  • Assist with Legal Matters: Pooled Trusts to qualify clients for benefits, court escorting and advocacy
  • Facilitate Transportation: Access-A-Ride, private transportation

For more information, please contact: Susan Siroto, Program Director.