Our team of social workers and care managers act as a sounding-board, staunchest advocate, and surrogate family—providing fee-free, personalized, comprehensive care to address the urgent, emerging, and future needs of vulnerable older New Yorkers. The team now includes four Licensed Masters Level Social Workers two of which are fully bilingual (Spanish-speaking), one bilingual Masters Level Social Worker, four care managers one of which is fully bilingual; and a make-up more representative of our client demographic.

  • Coordinate Care: outside health providers, governmental agencies, family, in-agency consultants
  • Secure Benefits and Entitlements: Medicaid, Medicare Part D, SSI, SCRIE, SNAP, Meals on Wheels
  • Provide Mental Health Supports: empathic listening, supportive counseling, therapeutic groups
  • Advocate in Housing Issues: landlord conflict-resolution, emergency/monthly stipends for rent shortfalls
  • Arrange for Homecare Worker: activities of daily living, shopping, hygiene, apartment de-cluttering
  • Assist with Legal Matters: Pooled Trusts to qualify clients for benefits, court escorting and advocacy
  • Facilitate Transportation: Access-A-Ride, private transportation

For more information, please contact: Susan Siroto, Clinical Director.