At Search and Care, we understand many of the older members of our community are feeling frightened and alone–now, during the COVID-19 crisis, more so than ever. Many clients have turned to us upon realizing they are nearly out of food, water, toilet paper, and other essential items–fearful of leaving the house and putting themselves at risk, but being unsure how else to acquire items they severely need.

Our “Emergency Grocery, Sanitary, Pet Upkeep” initiative addresses and assuages these fears by providing them with emergency orders, free of charge. In times when it is not safe for us to expose clients to illness by visiting, we ensure they have essential supplies (from food staples to other necessities) at hand, keeping their body, mind and soul taken care of. We hope you will join in supporting these vulnerable neighbors.

Please click here to donate to Search and Care, contributing towards an emergency grocery/supply delivery for elderly New Yorkers in need during COVID-19. Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder, the strong supporting the weak, neighbor to neighbor and in so doing, all feel better about our future as a community which cares for one another. You care. We care. Search and Care.