Established since 2019 & Open to Older Adults in the Greater New York Area:

Our Social Workers/Care Managers and other disciplines often observe clients presenting as fearful, anxious, lonely, and experiencing issues that can affect their ability to function optimally. To help combat this, Search and Care has launched “Talkin’ It Out” to enable vulnerable older people to “chat” confidentially with one of our bilingual licensed Master’s Level Social Workers. One-on-one empathic chats typically last 30-45 minutes and, for many older adults who are fearful of “formal counseling,” these informal chatting sessions give them a chance to air their concerns and issues when they have few other contacts to rely upon. “Talkin’ It Out” is not psychotherapy with strict goals/treatment plans, but rather a comfortable informal forum to telephonically (and hopefully in-person in the future) share what’s on their mind, what’s troubling them, what’s getting them down, and what’s causing them to feel especially vulnerable during this period of being more indoors.

For more information, please contact: Chris Ramos, Upper West Side Coordinator & Master’s Level Social Worker.