Search and Care Staff at Yorkville Ball 2023. Photo taken by Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Since Search and Care’s founding in 1972, our emphasis has always been to act as our vulnerable older neighbors’ surrogate family (when they have none), sounding-board, staunchest advocate, and safety net—residing primarily in Manhattan’s Yorkville, Carnegie Hill, and East Harlem communities (now spanning 50+ NYC blocks). We strive to ensure that all of our clients can age at home for as long as is safely feasible. Clients often report that our efforts extend their quality of life, dignity, and peace of mind.

Search and Care is currently 90% privately funded—always a challenge to cultivate each year. Yet, unlike agencies tethered to unpredictable public funding, we’re committed to avoiding such governmental support which often stipulates that each social worker serve 60-65 clients—impeding our capacity to offer home-based, personalized, truly comprehensive care. With private funding and the subsequent ability to maintain caseloads of 45 clients or less, we can avoid a “one size fits all” approach and, instead, care for the older neighbor as a “whole person.” Our individualized care-plans go beyond crisis interventions and “putting out fires.” We identify and immediately address clients’ emerging and future concerns which may impact upon their safe, sustained independence.