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Many Faces…

The older people who seek help with their finances come from diverse backgrounds, have varying talents, and face different challenges. Here are a couple of stories highlighting the “faces” of the older people Money Matters serves:

Ms. N, 88, has macular degeneration, making it nearly impossible for her to read her mail, reconcile her bank and credit card statements, and write checks to pay her bills. As a retired accountant, Ms. N was devastated by this turn of events. Our Social Worker and Money Matters Navigator assist Ms. N with these tasks, helping her maintain financial independence and restoring her peace of mind.

Mr. S, 84, recently forgot to pay his rent. Mr. S also reported that going to his bank had become so difficult for him, that he was worried how he would continue to live. Our Social Worker met with him and he agreed that our agency would handle his bill-paying and delivery of weekly household cash. Further, a volunteer now assists him with his weekly grocery shopping and provides companionship. Mr. S now reports living more comfortably, and feeling less anxious and alone.