Established since 2016 & Open to Older Adults in the Greater New York Area:

Search and Care’s “Silver Circles” program has been helping older adults increase their connectivity through the use of technology, in both one-on-one and group sessions. Pre-COVID, these sessions took place in our agency office and directly in clients’ homes.

  • Silver Circles empowers and engages older adults to master technology/learn new skills, increases their connection to others (family/friends, medical providers, and more), increases peer support/camaraderie through group participation, and reduces loneliness and isolation (especially critical during COVID-19).
  • Components of Silver Circles include:
    • One-On-One Computer Coaching: helping older adults through one-on-one remote or in-person sessions (telephonic and/or via video chat) with learning how to use their devices – computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. – in whatever ways fit each client’s needs and interests
    • Group Assistance helping older adults connect to our agency groups (both telephonic and via video chat) by helping them understand how to connect to groups, being available during the time of a group to assist one or more clients to get connected, as well as guiding them if they get kicked out of a group or have technical difficulties while participating.
    • To see our area limits for in-person coaching sessions, please see our catchment area

To learn more about our Silver Circles program, or to inquire about volunteering, contact: Jacob Gonzalez or Michelle Carr, Connectivity Coordinators.

We are always looking for volunteers!


Pace University January – April 2023 volunteers assisting with our “Early Bird Tech Help” event at Stanley Isaacs.


Henry from Regis High School Assisting Ms. K


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