Search and Care clients, particularly those who are increasingly homebound and frail, may have problems accessing appropriate health care, as well as getting to/from vital medical appointments. We offer the services of a Registered Nurse and a variety of other home-based, health-oriented care to help our older neighbors lead safer, healthier lives.

Agency Registered Nurse:

  • Calls to assess and/or monitor a client’s wellbeing
  • Offers home-based health and medication education
  • Follows up with prescribed treatment and discharge care
  • Monitors vital-signs
  • Provides health, wellness, and safety tips
  • Refers clients to outside medical resources (e.g. Primary Care Physician, specialists)
  • Facilitates a “Medical Rap” group
  • Supervises Col. Univ. Psych. Nurse Practitioner who provides home-based counseling to clients who would benefit from more mental health support

Two Columbia University Occupational Therapy interns:

  • Ensure home safety
  • Organize ADLs/IADLs
  • Teach falls prevention techniques

For more information, please contact: Joan Dietrich, Clinical RN